prism #26: BODY // Submission call is now open // Deadline: 20 October 2017


prism is super excited to announce a submission call for our upcoming issue of e-magazine: BODY issue. The human body, in all its ability to express what's hidden underneath and to communicate it visually, is certainly the most photographed subject since the discovery of light-painting. So, what does it take for human flesh to be appreciated as art and used as a tool of artistic expression? Is body mostly seen as just a shape or pure form, or can it be seen as a tool of wider studies, that of social nature for instance? Finally, does the veil of controversy still applies to bodily form or is it finally fully removed in contemporary art? The main question we would like to surround the upcoming issue with is: How do we see bodies, what do they represent and what they can teach us about the way we express ourselves?

To answer this, we will approach selected artists and also carefully collect material from contemporary photographers to create a cross section illustration of our studies on this broad matter. 

The final selection will be sealed with 12 names. 

1st DEADLINE: 20 OCT 2017

To submit please read carefully and:

  • send us an email entitled "PRISM submission: #26 BODY - NAME SURNAME"
  • contact e-mail:

  • ONLY e-mail submissions will be reviewed. 
  • please note that we browse emails using filters so entitle your email as stated, or it may not be reviewed



  • a panel of minimum 5, maximum 10 pictures
  • minimum 1500px on shorter side, *.JPG, sRGB, no compression used
  • plesae do not compress attachments in archives (no RAR, ZIP files) 
  • images can be sent via file transfer services like wetransfer etc.


  • attach full biography note (a paragraph)
  • attach full project description or artist statement (1500 c.)
  • attach correct titles to each image as by this template: title, year, name and surname
  • attach one website to be linked to and any additional copyright annotations
  • attach all additional links and references to be included
  • all submitted text must be ONLY in English and after text proofing
  • bad grammar or illogical statements may result in submission being rejected
  • please do not send us your CVs and bullet-pointed documents, those will not be accepted


  • our email box is only for submission calls and business enquiries
  • we reserve the right to reply only to successful candidates / proposals
  • we do not answer to personal emails with personal requests (i.e.: portfolio or project reviews) 

Let the light in, 
prism editorial crew

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