prism #12

This July, we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of prism Photography Magazine.

Over the past two years we have done our best to provide our audience with fourteen amazing issues, each one completed with a great selection of contemporary photography. Each year, prism has provided us with new challenges and new experiences, which have been very rewarding for us. We were always thrilled to celebrate established names and happy to promote emerging artists and photographic initiatives. We were delighted to have partnered with photographic festivals and have always been looking forward to setting up new goals and meeting new friends!

We have also created a stable and growing platform for international audience to be exposed to 'what's hot' in the contemporary photography. We have launched a blog platform to provide you with articles, previews, reviews and interviews. We have also organised a few very exciting exhibitions as our own initiative and also in partnership with PhotoIreland Festival: a very successful international Instant Photography Exhibition, numerous group shows and collective shows in the past. During this year’s PhotoIreland we invite you all to an exhibition of Marian Schmidt, founder and director of Warsaw School of Photography, a photographer known for his humanistic approach to photography and his masterful composition skills, who has been widely exhibited around the globe.

We are also been proud to be actively supporting photographic prizes and introducing their winners to our audience. Our May issue featured the winners from The Grand Prix Fotofestiwal Lodz and in this issue we will introduce you to the winners of the 2nd edition of POPCAP'13 -'s Prize for Contemporary African Photography: Anhua Collective (Alvaro Laiz and David Rengel), Dillon Marsh, Alexia Webster, Graeme Williams and Cristina De Middel. Cristina has also contributed her work to be featured on this issue's cover. POPCAP'13 Winners are also a part of PhotoIreland Festival 2013 and will be exhibited in Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

prism #12 cover image by Cristina De Middel

Prism has always been committed to be partnered with many festivals and photographic organisations and this year is no different:, Belfast Festival,, Neu Now, Slideluck Potshow Dublin, Actual Colors May Vary, PhotoMonth Krakow and Fotofestiwal Lodz, to name few of our good old and new friends.

All our efforts have been met with very positive feedback, which has reassured us that our work is noticed and appreciated. We couldn't have expected a better reward.

With this exalted moment of celebration we are thrilled to have discovered and to present, in addition to POPCAP'13 Winners, work of talented photographers: Isabelle Wenzel and her Building Images project, Karena Hutton and the story of her Father, Marieke Gelissen and her interpretation of a physical encounter between the body and the object, Alex Rose presents his myth of everlasting flowers, Nathalie Daoust takes us to a trip to one of the largest S&M "love hotel" in Japan, James Smith studies post modernist architecture, Marlous van der Sloot is featured with her 'body(ies)' of work and Pascal Fellonneau presents his 'Candidates' project.

Again, we would like to thank all photographers, curators and editors who contributed to this and all previous issues, our friends from galleries, institutions and organizations for their support and positive energy, and finally, most of all, we’d like to thank you, Dear Readers for building such a strong, supportive community of photo enthusiasts that keeps us motivated to deliver more amazing material in the future.

Let the light in.
Karol Liver / prism Editor

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