URBAN2017 International Photo Awards: Winners Announced

After a great summer of international exhibit previews, we are finally happy to announce the winning pictures and portfolios of URBAN 2017 Photo Awards, promoted by Italian art association dotART together with Photographers.it, Sprea Fotografia (media partner) and Stampa-Su-Tela.it (main partner).

UPDATE (31st of October): Italian photographer Greta Polimene wins URBAN 2017 Photo Awards. Greta has been personally chosen by Jury President Maurizio Galimberti with the following motivation:

“It’s a fascinating image, full of contemporary references to the mythical photograph of Alfred Stieglitz’s “2nd Class Bridge”. Stieglitz’s photograph depicted poetry in the chaos of a ship, while Greta Polimene’s photograph depicts man’s solitude today. A loneliness filled with tranquility, between flowers and reading, in search of serenity and balance in the magic and hard daily life.”

Winners has been awarded on October 28 at Trieste Photo Days festival.


With the following list given we only miss one name: the Overall Winner of the URBAN 2017 contest. That person, although already chosen by Jury President Maurizio Galimberti, will be finally  revealed on Saturday October 28, 2017 at 8 PM at the Trieste Photo Days festival during the award ceremony. Maurizio Galimberti will personally award all the winners. 

Winners will share a € 6,000 prize value, € 1,500 to the overall winner, among other prizes offered by partners (Think Tank Photo bags, Stroppa straps) and their picture will be published on prestigious international online photo magazines, such as Lounge Magazyn, The Post Internazionale, DNG Photo Magazine, Street Photography Magazine and our very own Prism Magazine.

Among the prizes, there has been a prestigious exhibit (in August) at the Porec Museum (Croatia) for 3 ranked portfolios: 
“Nothing will stop us”, by Silvia Andrade, 
“Nonna Angela”, by Christian Milotic, and 
“A Transporting Experience” by Ricci Shryock. 

In addition, a selection of single images and projects will compose the third edition of “Urban Unveils the City and its Secrets”, that will be presented at the Trieste Photo Days on Saturday, October 28, before the award ceremony.

URBAN 2017 has seen more 4,120 photos and 253 portfolios for 1,015 participants from all over the world and the collective jury decision, including a vote from our very own chief editor Karol Liver, wasn't certainly an easy one, but here they are... 

The Winners of URBAN 2017 Photo Awards: 

Street Photography
1 - We Need More Love - Dino Jasarevic (Italy)
2 - Afternoon's Nap - Rafal Rafalski (Poland)
3 - Dean St. - Raffaele De Vivo (Italy)
Honorable Mention - Untitled - Massimo Della Latta (Italy)
Honorable Mention - The Illusionist - Francesca Fabiano (Italy)
Honorable Mention - The Man's Stare - Moin Uddin Ahmed Moin (Bangladesh)

We Need More Love - Dino Jasarevic (Italy)

Afternoon's Nap - Rafal Rafalski (Poland)

Dean St. - Raffaele De Vivo (Italy)

1 - Swimming Pool - Ágnes Dudás (Hungary)
2 - Untitled - Gabriele Calamelli (Italy)
3 - Laundry - Anna Monda (Italy)
Honorable Mention - Passing Of The White Crown - Alexander Otto (Germany)
Honorable Mention - Ant-like - Magdalena Strakova (Czech Republic)
Honorable Mention - Viale Ortles, Milano - Laura Zulian (Italy)

Swimming Pool - Ágnes Dudás (Hungary)

Untitled - Gabriele Calamelli (Italy)

Laundry - Anna Monda (Italy)

Social City
1 - Rebel Mayo - Marco Brecciaroli (Italy)
2 - Devotion - Daniele Ficarelli (Italy)
3 - Holi Nandgaon - Amrish Sharma (India)
Honorable Mention - Blue City Scene - Doron Talmi (Israel)
Honorable Mention - L'infinito Cammino - Marco Minischetti (Italy)

Rebel Mayo - Marco Brecciaroli (Italy)

Devotion - Daniele Ficarelli (Italy)

Holi Nandgaon - Amrish Sharma (India)

Urban Art
1 - At The James Turrell Exhibition In Shanghai - Laurence Chellali (China)
2 - Foo Dekk - Serena Vittorini (Italy)
3 - Siviglia - Giuseppe Cardoni (Italy)
Honorable Mention - Power Station - Katya Evdokimova (Great Britain)
Honorable Mention - L'intruso - Sonia Granata (Italy)
Honorable Mention - Prayer - Sohel Parvez Haque (Bangladesh)

At The James Turrell Exhibition In Shanghai - Laurence Chellali (China)

Foo Dekk - Serena Vittorini (Italy)

Siviglia - Giuseppe Cardoni (Italy)

1 - Free Riders - Mauro De Bettio (Italy)
2 - Tram Station - Hans Wichmann (Germany)
3 - Lajkonik In The Tram - Karol Malec (Poland)
Honorable Mention - India - Salvo Alibrio (Italy)

Free Riders - Mauro De Bettio (Italy)

Tram Station - Hans Wichmann (Germany)

Lajkonik In The Tram - Karol Malec (Poland)

Green Life
1 - Energy - Mohd Redzal Amzah (Malaysia)
2 - La Musica Della Mia Vita - Giuseppe Ulizio (Italy)
3 - Artificial Green - Giuseppe Rivara (Italy)

Energy - Mohd Redzal Amzah (Malaysia)

La Musica Della Mia Vita - Giuseppe Ulizio (Italy)

Artificial Green - Giuseppe Rivara (Italy)

1 - Gare Paris-Saint-Lazare, 10 avril 2017, 11h51-12h08 - Pablo-Martin Cordoba (France)
2 - Quanto Sono Piccoli Gli Uomini - Lino Budano (Italy)
3 - Brescia Invasion - Gabriele Donati (Italy)
Honorable Mention - Dentro La Città - Claudio Colombo (Italy)
Honorable Mention - From, To - Merethe Wessel-Berg (Norway)

Gare Paris-Saint-Lazare, 10 avril 2017, 11h51-12h08 - Pablo-Martin Cordoba (France)

Quanto Sono Piccoli Gli Uomini - Lino Budano (Italy)

Brescia Invasion - Gabriele Donati (Italy)

Projects & Portfolios - We will publish them shortly in additional post.
1 - Colors Of Dance - Yingxi Shi (China)
2 - Yemen In Crisis - Giles Clarke (U.S.A.)
3 - My Mum - Viet Van Tran Tran (Vietnam)
Honorable Mention - Aqal Views - Pygmalion Karatzas (Greece)
Honorable Mention - Not Unusual - Werner Mansholt (Germany)
Honorable Mention - Living For Death - Alain Schroeder (Belgium)

Congratulations to all awarded and looking forward to a final winner of URBAN 2017 to be soon announced. 

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