TIFF Festival : RESOURCES kicks off in Wroclaw, Poland on the 7th of September

TIFF Festival: Resources / 7–17 September / Wroclaw, Poland

The 7th edition of the TIFF Festival kicks off next week in Wroclaw, Poland rendered around a broad theme of "Resources".

This time the organisers decided to draw a question mark to a thought that a lot of artists are usually placed upon - how do we operate and develop our creative self artistically, being limited to a certain amount of resources, or a lack of such, that of financial nature especially.

How to achieve our goals when resources are limited and, perversely, even if they are, can they work towards our completition? The conditions are somewhat similar to most involved in artistic fields; we often tend to face fixed remuneration, tha lack of insurance and ice-thick external stabilization.

Przywiezione, fot. Witold Romer / press materials

"What we have are ideas, networks of contacts, experiences gained during years of work, but also the ability to perceive reality as material that can be processed. But how can we obtain professional photograph prints, frames, display spaces, advertising media, time for work, means of support, motivation, or commuting funds?" - the direction of the current edition of the festival is explained as per the official statement from the organisers.

Main Programme exhibitions will feature photographs that made their way to Wrocław after 1945 (relocated resources), ideas that have not yet been executed (blocked resources), and urban spaces understood as material for creation (recognized resources).

A side programme called Holy-Art TIFF Open+ will consist of four projects executed by young artists chosen by way of open selection.

Another part of the festival, TIFF Actions will contribute as a series of activities based on the assumption that our exhibitions are not only a starting point to broader considerations, but also a resource that can be used by festival audiences.

Holy-Art TIFF Open+, photo: Yulia Krivich, Zuchwałość i Młodość / press materials


The TIFF Festival was held in 2011 for the first time. It was created in Wrocław and has been fully dedicated to photography since then. Its main goal is to animate and stimulate the photographic life in the city and region, for that reason it is also gaining strength from year to year.

TIFF does not only affect its home town but also the whole of Poland, meanwhile developing the international dimension of the event. We are constantly exploring and experiencing photography all over again. We perceive it as a medium existing in various contexts and taking on various functions – from amateur activities, symbolic messages, to conceptual sketches. We want to consider photography as inextricably bound up with the whole world of art, and we oppose closing it within the rigid limits of the medium. That is why every year, our team develops a completely new thematic formula, which consists of three fixed parts.

You can view detailed programme on the festival's page HERE.

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