prism is an independent online editorial collective dedicated to contemporary photography and visual communication, currently represented by e-magazine, photo blog and curatorial initiative. prism was established in 2009 by Dublin-based photographer and curator Karol Liver and supported by an international team of editors and curators. Its main component, prism magazine comes out periodically in hi-resolution PDF format and is distributed online free of charge.

prism acts just like an optical prototype, letting all kinds of photographic genres permeate its surface, get refracted, enter a new medium at a different angle and amuse the viewer with the palette of its constituent spectral colours. The idea behind prism is to bring the true meaning of photographic medium back to its prestigious and contemplative place and to create a space where art can truly be seen and discussed. 

prism has been selected as a finalist in The Irish Web Awards 2012 and 2013 in 'The Best Online Magazine' category and also as a nominee in 'The Best Web Only Publication'.

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chief editor / founder / publisher:
email: karol.liver@gmail.com

main photo editor: 
Karol Liver

editors / photo editors: 
Joanna Kinowska
Karol Liver
Grazyna Siedlecka

text editor:
Ciara O'Halloran

Darek Fortas
Deirdre McGing
Ciara O'Halloran
Sarah Allen
Elvira Krol

marketing & advertising / social media editors:
Elvira Krol

design / layout / website / administration:
Karol Liver

contact / sites / social media:
facebook: @prismphotomagazine
twitter: @prismPhotoMag
email: prism.photomagazine@gmail.com

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ISSN 2009-4558

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