prism #25.10: 'Hidden Dimensions' by Anna Yeroshenko

Hidden Dimensions
by Anna Yeroshenko

Hidden Dimensions is a series of images of architecture converted into photographic sculptures. This work serves to transform the viewer’s vision of what otherwise would be unnoticed, ordinary buildings. While the urban development shortens the lifespan of contemporary architecture, these utilitarian structures on the outskirts of cities seem to endure the time. 

They impose limits on space, rendering the landscape cluttered, unbalanced, confined, hence limit our thoughts, and constrain our sense of self. Balancing the edge of the factual and the possible my work is an attempt to break the walls which we come up against and to push the limits of perception. Hidden Dimensions encourages to take another look at the physical and social environment and rethink the architectural, aesthetic, and urban planning choices that shape our lives.

Hidden Dimensions #1 and #2, 2016 Anna Yeroshenko

Hidden Dimensions #3 and #4, 2016 Anna Yeroshenko

Hidden Dimensions #5 and #6, 2016 Anna Yeroshenko

Hidden Dimensions #7 and #8, 2016 Anna Yeroshenko

Anna Yeroshenko is a photo-based artist with an interest in how the medium of photography can be nudged off-center, manipulated, or combined with other visual disciplines. Anna's interest in photography brought her to the US where she studied at the Lesley University College of Art and Design (the former Art Institute of Boston) and received her MFA in Photography in 2015. Trained also as an architect her work concerns with issues of constructed space and the quality of the physical and social environment. Anna's work have been published by Guide to Unique Photography, Artnet and TIME Lightbox among others and exhibited worldwide.

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