prism #05 is here:

The new issue of prism Photography Magazine is now available online featuring twelve carefully bodies of work from both established names and emerging talents of the international photographic scene + some amazing exclusive material!

Cover: Rachel Bee Porter
This time we are introducing our audience to the work of:
Rachel Bee Porter (The Joy of Cooking), Kate Nolan(Neither), Toby Coulson (Allaleigh), Agnieszka Rayss (Eath Bleeds Water), Rafal Milach (7 Rooms), Maurice Gunning(Inside Belarus), Jesse Marlow (Exclusive Interview), Tomasz Lazar (Street Photography), Irina Yulieva (Country), Dara McGrath (Edgelands), Tomek Albin (Village-City) and Hannah Price (Resemblance).

As most of you know, prism Magazine is an independent free publication with a noble mission to promote the best of contepmorary photography. We put a lot of effort, our free time and money to provide our audience with a neverending source of photographic inspiration. After nearly one year of our existence we feel like we’ve found our cosy place on a top digital shelf alongside well known publications, but our mission is yet not accomplished and we want prism to grow bigger, better and more accesible for everyone.

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