prism #04 is here:

Sping (issue) to my kingdom come!

The new issue of  prism Photography Magazine is now available online featuring fourteen carefully selected work from both established names and emerging talents of international photographic scene, three interviews with amazing established artists and some more amazing exclusive material.

prism #04 cover © 2011 Tereza Vlckova

This time we introduce our viewers to the work of: Levi Mandel (project 1:11), Alicja Brodowicz (selected portfolio work - Ineluctable Modality of Life), Yuji Hamada (project Pulsar), Lisa Lindvay, Florian Ruiz (project 9.0 [inside]), Tereza Vlckova (project II), Hal Sear (project Eclipser), Anthony Haughey (Exclusive Interview on Settlement project), Mikolaj Grynberg (projrct Many Women), Hin Chua (Exclusive Interview on After the Fall project), Douglas Ljungkvist (project Ocean Beach), Garvan Gallagher (project My Way), Stephen McLaren (Interview and Exclusive view on Vertical Warsaw). We also present a wide selection of 10 photograhers from around the world as featured on 'Street Photography NOW' exhibition (Warsaw, Poland).


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