Are you ready for a 'Disclosure'? As Part of #SHOWMEYOURUFO Project

Exciting news! prism's chief editor, Karol Liver, is invited to co-curate #showmeyourufo, a larger project organised by Fresh From Poland, alongside with few other photographic initiatives, visual art curators and editors, with a mission to conduct a complex online/offline visual studies on UFO phenomena. What an amazing project to be part of! Submission call is now open!

Here is prism's part: 

prism will submit a curatorial sub-section, called "Disclosure', in which it will aim to investigate visual representation of an active work with the extraterrestrial presence, intelligence and various forms of encounters and connection. 

"As a curator I am interested in gathering the evidence of work and its outcome, ideally in visual form (images, videos, scientific evidence), but also of other nature (sound recordings, drafts, text). Here's the spectrum of interest I would love to gather:

Photo/video recordings of: organised sightings (field and crop circles), abductees/witnesses sessions, energy workers, individual/group channeling (images, voice recordings), extraterrestrial-related geometry, blueprints, patterns, ideally documented (place, date, etc), information about organizations and people who are behind those events." says Karol Liver

Both amateur and professional material is welcomed.

What happens next?

Project will be then presented in a form of an archive, during the exhibition to take place in Krakow, Poland in May, alongside other sub-projects from #showmeyuorufo initiative. More details about place and time and final name of a show will be announced very soon, we are still confirming place and aiming big!

In case of any questions please send an email to: or or 
contact Karol directly on facebook.

Also please tag or send this message to anyone you know who is into any type of extraterrestrial-related work and would be in possession of any materials as stated above, to be shared as part of the project. 

Thank you kindly, agents!

#SHOWMEYOURUFO, Karol Liver / Prism Photo

Also, You can find more info about the other parts of the project and general submission call here.

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