prism se#02 : PhotoIreland 2012

We are honoured to introduce you to special issue of prism magazine featuring the work of photographers taking part in this year's edition of PhotoIreland Festival!

Cover: ©2012 Alma Haser
A word from the men behind the festival - Angel Luis Gonzalez and Moritz Neumuller, will introduce the reader to this year's theme (Migration) and the idea behind the initiative. 

This special issue features work of 14 photographers from Main, Featured and OPEN Programme exhibitions: Isabelle Pateer (Unsettled), Anthony Luvera & Ruben Torosyan (Assisted portraits), Francisca L√≥pez (Bandi Binder), Ciara O'Halloran (The Other Room), Alma Haser (Cosmic Surgery), Tristan Hutchinson (Took Strength to takle those Hills), Roger Eberhard & James Nizan (Tumulus), Ciaran Og Arnold (No Day, Or Night), Richard Gilligan (DIY), Jason Higgins (Black Lung) and Jean Revillard (Sarah on the Bridge). We also present The Dice Project - a collaborative effort of three photographers: Bartosz Nowicki, Will Hartley and Paul Corcoran. 

Enjoy prism and celebrate PhotoIreland Festival 2012!

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