prism #06: Happy B-Day to prism!

We are honoured to introduce you to our anniversary issue of prism magazine.

Twelve months ago  prism was no more than a beam of invisible light, waiting to be refracted and amuse all spectators with a palette of sensational colours. A year ago we whispered ‘let the light in’ and prism was brought to existence.

Over the past year our team of talented photography enthusiasts has provided the audience with seven amazing issues, each topped with the creme de la creme of contemporary photography. It was a challenging yet very rewarding year.

We celebrated established names and promoted emerging artists, we partnered with two big photographic feasts in Dublin and Belfast, organised a very successful international instant photography show and supported every show and every other photographic initiative we could. On top of that we have made some great friends and received a lot of positive feedback. We couldn’t have expected more!

This time we are introducing our audience to the work of: Jan Brykczynski from Sputnik Collective, John Cyr, Paula Muhr, Thomas Devaux, Sasha Rudensky and Thomas Jackson, Jasmina Jasinska, Patricia Klich, Amy Hanrahan, georgia Krawiec, Darek Fortas and Karol Liver.

You can read the magazine for free here.

f/22 Group Exhibition @ PhotoIreland'12:
We'd also like to invite you all to an upcoming group exhibition called f/22 as part of PhotoIreland 2012. The opening night will be held in MadArt Gallery Dublin, 12/07/2012 at 6pm You can find more info about the show here.


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