prism #00 : let the light in

We are very proud and incredibly excited to introduce you to prism – our newly born international magazine dedicated entirely to contemporary fine art photography.

The main idea behind  prism  is to bring the true meaning of photographic medium back to its prestigious place and to create a platform where art can truly be contemplated and discussed.

prism acts just like its optical prototype, letting all kinds of photographic genres to permeate its surface, get refracted, enter a new medium at a different angle and amuse the viewer with the palette of its constituent spectral colours.

prism collaborates with photographers, art galleries and curators in order to deliver an exciting source of never-ending inspirations and rises to the occasion to serve the “creme de la creme” of contemporary photography from both established names and talented enthusiasts. We also want to actively support and promote photographic initiatives and events. This issue hits the digital shelves in tandem with PhotoIreland 2011 Festival and encourages everybody to participate in this year’s biggest photographic feast in Ireland.

This milestone issue of prism features exclusive works by Jens Olof Lasthein (winner of Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2010) amongst other carefully selected images from international talents: Markus Andersson, Lukasz Gliszczynski, Rafal Siderski, gifted Irish graduates: Sarah Orr, Anna Wickham and many more.

prism will come out every second month in hi-resolution PDF format and will be distributed online.

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